Our impressive collection of 30 000 costumes and accessories created by talented craftsmen cover all major historical periods and represent an important part of the cinematic history. Our in-house costume workshop can design custom-made accessories and costumes for film and television productions, theater performances, events or private theme parties. The team of professionals is skillful at dyeing, leatherwork, embroidery and sewing and can work with all materials (lycra, latex, linen, metallic, velvet, fur, etc.).
They can manufacture military costumes, garments, polyamide futuristic clothes, complex ball gowns, 18th century frocks, cavalry clothing and more. Depending on the project's needs, the costume department uses innovative technology and adapts to any requirements within budget.
Our huge collection of shoes and accessories includes more than 20 000 items such as collars, vintage and contemporary bags, hats, jewelry, gloves and scarves.