Studio Facilities

Standing Sets & Backlot

Buftea Studios offers its best deals, the only opportunity to benefit from more realistic standing sets and outstanding props. The studio already owns 40 hectares, where you can find important sets, from different periods of time.


The perfect set

Bordered by a beautiful lake and forest, Studiourile Buftea has the proper size and design for any kind of set. The 100-acre backlot features had served for several international productions: 

  • SIX fully equipped contemporary houses are ready to serve for various scenes. Shooting areas are varying from 1 400 sq ft/130 sq m to 5 400 sq. ft./500 sq m. Walls can be easily adjusted to fit any shooting request.
  • The ”LA Street” was built in 2015 for an international Commercial.
  • The ”Boston Set” was built up in 2014 for ”Sons Of Liberty”, a History Channel Production. It included practical interiors and a Harbor with an outdoor water tank.
  • The Western Village was built in 2012 for ”The Timber”, an MPCA Production and had some practical interiors.