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Desire, passion and devotion are the key to forming new TV and movie stars. The “Buftea Studios” Academy intensively prepares the future stars, with the help of the best modalities and techniques presented by the most specialized trainers.

Studio Facilities

Training Center
“Buftea Studios” Academy

The “Buftea Studios” Academy stands out through the television and cinematography courses offered to the students, which proved to be an “experience that can change your life”. More than 2,000 students crossed the threshold of the academy. Today, 100 of them are television presenters in the most important televisions in the country, and over 800 are employed in newsrooms or are the hosts of established talk shows or entertainment shows, on stations such as Antena 1, Realitatea TV, Kanal D, Digi24 or Pro TV. Being a prestigious academy, the success rate is 30% (the highest in the country) proving the contribution and dedication in training the best actors and TV presenters. At present, in every important television in Romania there is a significant number of graduates of the Buftea Academy in the team.

Student training

In the training of students, there is no obstacle on the road to success because the academy offers professional training for both adults and children or adolescents aged between 5 and 18 years. In their training, the trainers offer the experiences and secrets acquired throughout their career, to open the way to a path full of success. They are renowned specialists in their fields – TV presenters and online content with experience and activities recognized domestically and internationally.

Courses for children or teenagers

The “Buftea Studios” Academy is the only school that has a program like a specialized university. Not only acting classes take place here, but also directing, image, production, choreography, singing and stunt. At the end of a nine-month module, each group has the opportunity to make their own short film, filmed at a professional level, but also a play.

Adult courses

In courses specifically for adults, students produce their own short films, news journals, talk shows or entertainment shows. The courses of the Academy of Film, Theater and Television “Buftea Studios” last one academic year and put a special emphasis on fixing the knowledge of theory with the help of an intense program of practical applications.

Enrollment in the “Buftea Studios” Academy

Registrations are made based on a registration form that you can find in the “Registrations” section of the site:

I am proud when I turn on the TV and I see on all the important stations at least one former student of ours. Whether he's at the news desk, moderating a talk show in Prime Time, presenting an entertainment show, or starring in series. Their success motivated us, together with the partners in the film industry, to transform the former Television School into the "Academia Buftea" Film, Theater and Television Academy.

Vlad Ionescu